My first order

by msalexwitney

To catch you up on current events I’ve recently finished working on my first sewing order. A collection of small felt pouches for a colleagues wedding to hold the guests wedding favours. She requested white felt with hers and her new husbands initials (rather handily they are both going to have the same initials once married) script embroidered in a pale blue floss.


When she said they would need 40 I exclaimed that of course I could produce 40! Not a problem I laughed! Ha – well I’ve never made 40 of anything in my life so I have no idea why I was so confident. Nor do I know why I left it till about 2 weeks before she left to get started on them.


The day before they were due I regressed to my student days and pulled an all nighter. Unfortunately the difference between now and then is that afterwards instead of stockpiling on carbs and chocolate in bed whilst watching back to back episodes of Sex and the City. I went to work.


Looking forward to the wedding pictures to see them on the tables looking pretty with all the other wedding bits.