Granny draws

by msalexwitney

I was going through some of the fabrics my nan has given me, as I’ve already pretty much cleared out her fabric stock the majority of what she gives me now comes from friends and church goers of hers. Lots of 70’s and 80’s duvet covers in some pretty cool prints and patterns. This is a drawing of mine I stitched into one of the duvet covers.


What I’d forgotten about was her old nighties that I’d abandoned some years ago after giving up on the flimsy fabric. But as I am on a bit of a vintage drive as late I was inspired to slip on this one and pull in the waist with a thin belt.


You’ll have to excuse the poor quality photos! Haven’t quite worked out how to snap clothes, particularly whilst wearing them.


But when an opportunity arose to wear it I chickened out. I think the sleeves scared me. I might cap them or remove them altogether.