Ready for some festival froliking

by msalexwitney

Whilst the weather might not be playing ball I am well and truly getting into festival mode. That said, festivals don’t exactly have a great rep for great weather. So perhaps we’re on track.

After a little online inspiration yesterday afternoon I headed into central (London) to empty my bank account. First stop Macculloch & Wallis. Perhaps a little dangerous but I think I behaved myself, for example, when I pointed to a reel of delicate ivory lace trim and the lovely lady behind the counter said “This one is £60 a metre”. My response was not “Do you take Amex?”. 


I did however walk out with this beauty. Look at those flirty feathers. What a tease!

The plan of action here was to collect enough trimmings to make my very first festival headdress. It’s fair to say I’m into the pocahontas/midsummer night dream look.

I also popped into John Lewis meaning only to pick up some aida for the cross stitch samplers I’m working on. Oh what a fool! This is a snippet of what I picked up. You should have seen me, I was taking out old ladies, elbowing mums, knocking over kids. Back away from the buttons people, I’m on a haberdashery mission!


With a little trial and error I have assembled the headdress!


It’s not perfect but I’m pretty happy with it and think I’ll definitely be making more. There may well be a place for them in the Etsy shop (once I get around to opening it) for some of these bad boys.



I’d definitely be interested to hear what kind of combinations and colours you guys would be into. Bring on the feathers!

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