Productivity? Check.

by msalexwitney

It’s been one of those weekends that leave you feeling like you’ve been quite productive. Deserved perhaps of a little pat on the back and maybe an enthusiastic hand shake.

The aim of the game was to get as much sewing done as possible then spend Sunday afternoon chilling with the BF. I took off Friday and spent the day floating between my computer and finishing half attempted sewing projects. Incredibly satisfying to see something completed!

Popped into central to pick up some trimmings for a headdress I’d decided I had to make. However due to a certain cashier lady not putting one of the key trimmings into my shopping bag I wasn’t able to get going on it when I got in. So instead focused my attention on the cross stitch samplers I said I was going to make a million years ago.

This one was just in case my BF forgot who wears the trousers.


After another trip into central on Saturday I was able to (spend more money!!) pick up the missing trimming and create this lil beaut.

Which meant when Sunday rolled around I had absolutely no guilt about having one of these Sundays . . .