Attack of the pins

by msalexwitney

I have a terrible habit of putting my pins and needles where they shouldn’t be put. If you ever come round for tea I wouldn’t recommend leaning or resting on the back or arms of my sofa – prime pin shoving areas. The needles are the worst, with its skinny little body blending into the sofa even I have succumbed to ramming my hand down onto a needle. Fortunately their tops aren’t nearly as sharp as their bottoms.


And if I haven’t taken you out in the sofa area then keep your shoes on because my living room floor is mine field of pins.

A pin cushion seems like a suitable solution to this minor problem in my life. Admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of pin cushions. A cushion for pins. Really.

I am however a fan of these cute little Scottie dogs I’ve been making for friends with little ones.


So I decided to make a miniature one to use as a pin cushion. Lets face it, if it’s miniature, it’s going to be adorable.


Slightly odd then that I want to stick pins in it?


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