Relationship therapy

by msalexwitney

Before I got my iPhone I had already decided that getting a case to protect it was essential. I definitely fit into the ‘clumsy’ portion of the population. However when I lifted the lid off that little white box to reveal an iPhone beaming up at me all shiny and new, in that moment I knew I could never hide its beautiful exterior.

The first year of our relationship was like any, filled with days getting to know each other, trips out, even the odd holiday abroad. 18 months in and things began to slow, cracks began to show and that excited feeling when you haven’t seen each other for a while was long gone. I’m ashamed to say on more than a couple occasions I browsed other models.

In a bid to save the relationship and avoid a costly split we gave it one last shot and injected a little spice . . .



All hand sewn/embroidered/appliqued etc, I couldn’t be happier with my iPhone cover. Sticking with simple designs I am going to sell these in my Etsy shop (when I open it).


Note the little cameo face, I’ve always been a fan and will definitely be playing around with these some more.


Needless to say, my iPhone and I are still going strong . . .