You take my weeds and I’ll have your flowers

by msalexwitney

There’s something about wild flowers that feels old and mysterious. Similar to those vintage duvet covers my nan gives me. I find their colours and often thin windy stems beautiful and inspiring.


The area of London I live in there aren’t many wild flowers. There are a dodgy collection of weeds that have recently started flowering outside my bathroom window which have now completely obstructed the view out. Not really the kind that I covet. So instead when I’m doing my morning walk to the station I slowly wander down Tiffany box road (if Tiffany made houses, they’d look like the ones on this road) and peer into their gardens.



Most of the houses on this road have roses, which only adds to the romantic and affluent feel of the road. Others have shaken it up a little and thrown in some other shrubs (no idea what they’re called).


I’d love to have my own flowers, but put simply, I kill them. *Sorry Charlotte – that Orchid lasted about 3 months under my care.

Which is why the only type of flowers you’ll find in my home are the cut kind (when they die I know at least I’m not to blame) and floral prints on fabric. What I would really love to own is one of Louise Gardiner’s pieces, my absolute favourite contemporary embroidery artist.


I really don’t think you can find a better artistic impression of flowers. But for more pocket friendly work this artist on Etsy makes gorgeous small print and embroidered pieces.


There are A LOT of flower photos on my phone and laptop taken whilst visiting my mum in Maidstone, lots of wild flowers there. Hope you Kent-onians appreciate all those bad boy wild flowers! I do need to utilise all the photos I’ve taken . . . I feel a new project coming on.

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