To upcycle, shwop or eBay?!

by msalexwitney

I’ve managed to get something down one of my go-to work dresses which has left a stain. The dress isn’t particularly special and if you can see the label you’ll know it didn’t cost very much either. However I like the dress, it’s easy to wear and hides a multitude of sins if I’ve gone a bit hard on pizza and choc biscuits over the weekend.


You can’t see it in this photo but there is a grease patch (lovely) on the skirt. So I’m thinking – I could remove the skirt and make another? I’ve had a sift through some fabric and thought perhaps these prints would go nicely against the blue.


They don’t match the weight or feel of the current skirt, but a total change might be quite nice?


Doing this got me thinking that I’ve got loads of clothes I don’t wear that could do with altering or customising.

Like this other dress, age old story – bought it online and is too large around the waist. When pulled in with a belt it bunches up the fabric and adds about 2 inches to my hips.


But I just love the little giraffes.


Whilst working out what to with all my unworn clothes I’m also finishing up this little project.


The rest to follow soon!

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