Aztec In My Face

by msalexwitney

Loving Aztec at the moment, I know it’s been on trend for a while now but feel like I’ve only just woken up to it.

Loving it on shoes . . .


and bags . . .


and clothes . . .


Now I want to get my stitchey mitts on it!

Like with most of my work I am time-conscious as I always end up wanting to make lots more of whatever I finish, so after snooping around at traditional and trending aztec prints I put together my own pattern.


Admittedly I’m a bit of a lazy drawer when it comes to planning out sewing ideas. I just get too excited with the thought of sewing and want to crack on as quickly as possible!

From the beginning I wasn’t sure what exactly the end piece would be, only that it would be of Aztec design.


Hand sewn applique is one of my favourite sewing techniques, but to stay within my time-restricted rules I chose to machine stitch on these pieces.


That’s not to say I didn’t get a little hand sewing in 😉


I quite like the contrast of the sharper appliqued pieces to the more rough hand sewn areas.


I had toyed with the idea of it becoming a tote bag, but I like it so much that I want it on my wall – so a DIY framing may come soon!

Reckon I’ll probably make another as I do think I’d like a tote bag version . . . and a condensed leather necklace . . . and print on a t-shirt . . .


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