Wood Pallet DIY

by msalexwitney

I, like most, have been enjoying a rare beautiful British summer. When we do it. We do it bloody well.

As a result all things crafty have been put on the back burner. This wasn’t a problem whilst in the throes of enjoying sun, cocktails and friends. But now that Monday has arrived and with it the bleak reality of a long busy week I realise I may have shot myself in the foot a little. However we live and we learn. Note officially made to self – always make time for craft.

On the upside, walking down the external stairs from my flat I have spotted an old wood pallet. This has considerably perked up my morning as the internet seems to be littered with DIY/recycle/upcycle your wooden pallet ideas.

Threads and Stitches Wooden Pallet

*my wood pallet


Playing around with table legs might be a bit risky??



If I had a garden . . .


I’ve realised that whilst I have neglected to get on with sewing etc that I also haven’t taken ANY photos! Oh dear Pimms – what you do to me . . .

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