My other love . . .

by msalexwitney

When I’m not stitching, planning my next craft project, painting decades old furniture . . . I’m hunting out the best burger in London.

I’m a bit of a fan.

The big hitters so far have been Patty and Bun . . .  the Ari Gold . . .


And Honest Burger . . .


Then earlier this week a name popped up that I recognised, a name mentioned by the lovely Londoner last year on her travels to America – Shake Shack. They are proper American burgers with thinner patties than a lot of the fancy burger places around at the moment which gives the burger a whole other flavour and style. As you can imagine this burger is also loaded with American cheese. Sometimes you just need the bad stuff!

The big news – Shake Shack has come to London people!! So to Shake Shack I went!


This beaut did not disappoint . . .


Go check it out at Covent Garden, try to get there early in the evening to beat the queues. And make sure you go double patty!


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