Contemporary Embroidery: Hinke Schreuders

by msalexwitney

Like with most Traditional Crafts there is still a lot of stigma surrounding them and assumptions that they create old granny pieces of work that don’t fit into a modern society. On the other hand the craft revival over the past 5 or so years has certainly shed a new light on crafts for a large community of people who never considered it as something they would be ‘into’.

For me Contemporary Embroidery Art is the most relevant form of craft in the 21st Century. I studied Art in school and in further education, but it wasn’t until I went to London College of Fashion that I saw textiles being taken seriously. Before then if I wanted to explore the world of contemporary embroidery it was a solitary path as it just wasn’t deemed strong enough to be considered for any art course/lesson I partook in.

With the help of sites like Pinterest, contemporary embroiderers more than ever are easier to find and share. So I want to share with you artists I have known for years and artists I have stumbled across. Because frankly their work is beautiful and everyone needs this beauty in their lives.

Hinke Schreuders is a Dutch textile artist, she layers old, often black and white images of women in their associated traditional female roles and then laces them with a very contemporary form of embroidery. For me her work focuses on sexism in the 21st century, we recognise sexism from the eras of the women we see in her work but Schreuders’ style brings it into modern day which in fact is the reality. Women live in a masked sexist society, an issue just not important enough for government to properly address.

Well that was deep! Here are her beautiful pieces . . .


Share the beauty . . .


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