Tutorial: Stamp Printing . . . the makeshift way

by msalexwitney

As I mentioned in the Weekend Round Up, I have decided that the lining to the tote bags I’m working on should be my own print. Now unfortunately I actually hated printing when I was studying, so in all the time I had to take advantage of the knowledge that was being passed onto me, I spent most of it not paying attention and certainly not putting any effort into a thought process when designing a print.

Based on this I decided to keep it simple, resulting in not the chicest of finish or look, but one I’m happy with none the less.


– Chosen fabric

– Craft foam

– Fabric paint

– Glue

– Empty pill boxes (this is what I used but for an even finish you’ll need to use something that is solid, a square of wood is ideal)

– Scissors, I also ended up using a scalpel as this was easier for cutting the foam

– Masking tape

– Paint brush

– Ruler

– Pencil


I wasn’t sure what to use as the block that would hold the stamp, I don’t have spare bits of wood lying around so just rummaged through cluttered areas of my flat until I came across empty hay fever relief boxes. I knew they wouldn’t get an even finish as the pressure would vary across the boxes but I taped them up none the less.


Draw out the shape you want to print, if it’s a more complicated design don’t forget to think about positive and negative space!


I’ve cut three of the same shape to make a high stack, this is to reduce the chance of any paint on the block touching my fabric.


Glue the layers together and stick to your block.


Protect your surface and masking tape the corners of fabric down to make sure the fabric doesn’t move whilst you’re printing and create smudges.

Make a test print first on an off cut of the fabric you are about to work on!


For a clean and less risky stamp, paint the stamp with a brush rather than dipping.


I left one space empty on each piece for a different colour triangle.


My new lining . . .


The bag itself is nearly finished and I really feel my own printed fabric is pulling it all together. Pictures to follow . . .


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