Weekend Round Up

by msalexwitney


It’s been one of those wonderfully productive weekends starting with a boxing class in Finsbury Park on Saturday morning – nothing like getting sweaty to set up a day.

Then in sweaty gear I rather ungracefully made my way down to Seven Sisters Road to one of the best fabric shops around, the service in there is hilarious, they have to contend daily with a variety of people, ages, cultures, generations etc coming in to pick up what they need for their project and I’ve observed that the OAP’s are the worst customers (not in general, just here)! They’re likes bulls in a china shop, charging through, scooping up fabric, calling across the shop to busy staff demanding they are served immediately. It’s a little chaotic in there to say the least and the staff deal with it by treating everyone like naughty children, they are super strict and stern, normally service like that would get my back up, but in there it’s just funny, it’s a survival method for them – those OAP’s are scary!

New fabric in hand I popped down to Waitrose to cancel out all my hard work in the gym and picked up a couple packets of biscuits.

Last stop before home, the art supply shop. Dangerous territory but I was well behaved and only picked up what was needed – stamp printing supplies. I’ve decided that the lining for the leather and canvas tote bags I’m working on need a little colour but after searching through countless prints and fabric types I just haven’t been able to find what I want. So I am printing the fabric for the lining. Printing tutorial to follow!

On Saturday I also managed to finish the iPhone case from the same collection as the canvas and leather bag, pretty happy with it. It took a lot of trial and error! Took me back to uni days!

Saturday evening and Sunday were all about seeing important people and provided the perfect round up to my weekend.

Hope you had a good one too!