Exercising my hand

by msalexwitney

It’s been a while since I devoted time to drawing, I remember in uni my friend RH was told to draw everyday to improve technique and strengthen hand-eye coordination and she is an incredible illustrator. So for the rest of us we need to be drawing at least every hour on the hour to develop anything worth looking at . . . perhaps a little unrealistic.

Anyway, I’ve picked up pencil and paper as I want to be able to draw again. So far I haven’t done a lot, these are from over the weekend . . . trying to work on form . . .


It’s no Picasso!


Something I was actually surprised at was how self conscious I felt when sitting in public drawing. Could have done more on the feet drawing but started feeling embarrassed so put everything back in my bag. 

Will have to get over that if I’m going to get my drawing on!


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