Jose Romussi – A Love Affair

by msalexwitney

I am in love with Jose Romussi’s work. I was familiar with some of his pieces but it was only this morning that I had a proper snoop through his collections and boy am I blown away! And totally inspired! And excited! And loving life!

Isn’t it amazing when art can evoke emotion in you like that.

So of course I had to share with you some of my favourites, I hope you have the chance to have a snoop later too. For me his best work is from the last couple years, embroidered photography. If you haven’t seen work like that yet, reserve judgement because trust me, you’re about to fall in love. Your welcome 😉

From his 2012 collection Dance . . .


And from his new collection . . . so much love!


There’s nothing quite like discovering a new artist.

Bring me my needle and thread!


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